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Tango at the Arkansas Arts Center! Every second Thursday of the month. Basic Argentine tango lesson at 7 p.m., followed by dancing until 10:30 p.m. $10 admission or FREE with Arts Center membership. Also, on many Sundays there is a class at practica (practice party) at either Capitol Keyboard or the Let's Dance studio. More information here.



Join us for salsa on Fridays at Club 27 inside the Metroplex event center, 10800 Colonel Glenn Road in Little Rock!

We have a basic salsa class at 9, followed by dancing to salsa, bachata, meregue, cumbia and more until 2 a.m. Cover: $5 before 10 p.m.; $8 after 10. $10 for ages 18-20. 

No partner required! You'll find plenty of people to dance with.
To keep up with the latest salsa news, you can also join the Facebook group, Little Rock Salsa, and our email list. Visit our Facebook page here!
We also have information about where to dance Argentine tango. And you can check the Events section for information about salsa and latin dance events in Little Rock and the region.

Private lessons in tango and salsa are available. To schedule one, or if you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email.

If you aren't already, you'll become a salsa fanatic in no time!






Sept. 19, 2012

Ballroom and Bar Partner Up

Locals dip into Friday night salsa dancing at Browning’s — no partners or cheesy lines necessary.

WHEE went me and my partner as we spun ‘round not once, not twice, but — oh, no I guess it was just twice.

Salsa, Jorge Gutierrez is showing us, happens on a count of 1-2-3, beat, 5-6-7, beat.

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Latin Dance takes Little Rock by storm


It’s 9:30 on a Friday night – Little Rock’s mostly residential Heights area is pretty quiet, with the exception of the activity surrounding Browning’s Mexican Grill, where people are gathering for a weekly Salsa meet-up. Dance enthusiasts spill out onto the sidewalk, as the entire area surrounding the restaurant buzzes with activity. The meet-up is hosted by the Little Rock Salsa group, which also offers Tango lessons as mentioned in last weeks column about the Arkansas Arts Center.



Su amor por este género musical, y su enorme talento para bailarlo, le cambiaron la vida para siempre, permitiéndole viajar por todo el mundo en calidad de bailarina profesional de la salsa.

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 May 16, 2012

As I entered Browning's Mexican Grill on a Friday night I was so enveloped by the conga-drum driven music that my entire rib cage seemed to be vibrating.

On the floor, 50 or 60 people were dancing to the six-beat rhythms of salsa, spinning and smiling, continually bathed in the ever-changing hues of red, green, yellow and blue twirling lights and bright, blinking strobes.

It was the twice-weekly Little Rock Salsa Team event that had me mesmerized.

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